Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Executive Leads, LLC Launches "Call Verified 2.0", Process to Generate More Franchisees, Not Just Franchise Leads

In response to the changing demands of the franchise industry, franchise lead generator Executive Leads, LLC has launched new process “Call Verified 2.0” to give franchising clients access to high-quality, approachable franchise leads.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creating an Effective Franchise Growth Strategy

It just comes natural for humans to want the quick solution to the problems we face.  We are always looking for efficiencies and improvements in an effort to minimize inconveniences.  But sometimes, there aren’t any quick solutions and that is certainly the case when trying to build a successful franchise system.

When it comes to creating a complete system for marketing a franchise brand, there is no one solution.  Sure, you can hire an SEO firm to get your website ranked higher or even hire an SEM firm to run a Pay-Pay-Click campaign to generate traffic and franchise leads to your website.  Other franchisors work closely with broker networks to bring in new franchisee candidates and many have seen tremendous success going this route.  Purchasing franchise leads is also an option.  There are dozens of franchise directory portals that will post your franchise information to solicit to their visitors.  There’s also pre-screened franchise leads who aren’t married to a specific franchise but want to explore all their options.

Each of these methods, on its own, can successfully generate candidates for a franchisor.  But the secret lies in a well-balanced system that utilizes all of the above.  The successful franchisors will start with building a very content-rich website and combine it with the use a variety of lead sources.  They also use tactics like re-targeting past visitors of their websites, buying pre-qualified franchise leads and also engaging in social media strategies.  All in the hope for leads that may eventually turn into franchise candidates.

So consider a balanced approach to attacking your growth strategy.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and be smart about how you budget your marketing dollars.  There is no one magic ingredient.  The magic is in the planning, management, and execution of your marketing strategy.  

What are the pros and cons of purchasing a franchise?

  • Brand name. Many franchises have national brand name recognition. This means great savings, because the product you are selling is already well known by the customers.
  • Experience is not a problem. Franchises succeed based on a system of operation that has already been proven, so there is not necessary to have experience in the domain since the franchiser provides you with all the necessary tools you need in order to make your business profitable. It’s in the interest of the franchiser to make sure the business goes well in order to keep up the good name of his brand, which is why he will help you with the account management, the sales, and even training if necessary.
  • Staff recruiting. Staff is essential for the business’s success. When it comes to staff recruiting it is easier to find experienced capable employees because a business with well known brand name has greater chance to attract employees than a unknown fresh-started business.
  • Less risk. Being part of a wide-known organization, with a well known brand name, there is a smaller risk of failure, since there are already customers that are familiar with the brand and product, and will buy it. Also the franchiser will give you all the support you need in order to make the business profitable.

  • Limited freedom.  The franchisees have the obligation to share information and to stick  to the  uniform procedures of operating.. The franchisee has to stick with the rules and the guidelines imposed by the franchiser or else there is the risk of losing the franchise.
  • Leadership skills.  It’s often required to have the ability to lead a staff, which means you must be able to handle the process of hiring and firing people, as well as being able o pull off difficult and stressful situations if necessary.
  • Financial capabilities.  Up-front franchise financing can be very costly. Even though it pays off, it usually take up to a year or longer to break even.
  • Royalty payments. Franchises have to make royal payments every year in order to show their gratitude for the support in advertising and operations.
  • Resources.  Being part of a big organization also means taking some risks. Some of the  franchisers do not provide you with all the resources you need for a specific location.
  • Industry interest. In order to succeed in this industry you must show a high interest, since it involves a long time commitment. Also you must be disposed to confirm to a set of rules and guidelines required by the franchiser.

You will have to consider both pros and cons before deciding if you want or do not want to join the franchising industry. It is very important to analyze all the facts in order to be able to make the right decision, because no matter what you choose it’s going to affect your career as well as your financial

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